Where do school groups arrive at the Gallery?

School groups arrive at the St Andrew’s Road entrance. They enter the Gallery via the Padang Atrium, and head to the Keppel Centre for Art Education.


Where is Keppel Centre for Art Education?

Keppel Centre for Art Education is located at Level 1 of the City Hall building. Click here for more information about Keppel Centre for Art Education.


Do school groups have to register before visiting the Gallery?

Yes, all schools are required to register with the Gallery’s Education department at last 4 weeks prior to visiting. This helps us manage the number of visitors we have and ensure that you have a memorable experience with us. You can register your interest by filling in and submitting this form


What is the recommended school group size for a School Tour?

We are able to take between 40 and 80 students in each School Tour timeslot. School groups will be divided into 20 students/group. We require at least 1 teacher to accompany every group. 

Recommended Student:Teacher ratios are:


What is the recommended school group size for a Studio Workshop?
We are able to take up to 40 students in a Studio Workshop.   

Recommended Student:Teacher ratios are:


Are Studio Workshops free?
Studio Workshops are currently available for Preschools/Kindergartens at $20 per student. The minimum capacity is 15, with a maximum capacity of 40 students per workshop.


Are any subsidies or grants, such as National Arts Council funding, available to help schools to pay for programmes? 
The programmes are eligible for the Tote Board Arts Grant that subsidise 50% of the cost.


Are the programmes designed for different student levels?
Yes, age-appropriate programmes cater to the skill sets of different student levels.


Are there any programmes for teachers and, if so, how do they register?
Yes, we offer Learning Journeys, curators’ talks, masterclasses and art workshops for teachers. You can find out more about these programmes and register for them on our website.


What else is there to do at Keppel Centre for Art Education?
There are free, self-guided art activities for visitors at the Keppel Centre. Please note that the activities are offered on a first come, first served basis, and we cannot guarantee that the activities are available all the time.