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Passages and Bridges – Evolution of Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers by Mark Justiniani

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On display from 9 Jun–9 Sep

Supreme Court Wing, Level 1, Outside Koh Seow Chuan Concourse Gallery


Passages and Bridges – Evolution of Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers is a refreshed version of Mark Justiniani's Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers, originally created into 2017.

Take a surreal walk along this bridge and peer through the windows of time. Uncover the stories connecting us to the realms of the cherished and yet forgotten.


Peer into the windows on the wall. Look down into the peepholes of the columns on the floor. Can you spot toys, paper planes, books, building blocks and letters? Do they look old or new?

For more fun activities, purchase an Art Pack from one of the Children's Festival vending machines around the Gallery.


Mark Justiniani, Passages and Bridges – Evolution of Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers, Philippines, 2018, Mixed media and found objects, Commissioned for Children's Festival: Small Big Dreamers 2018

Who is Mark Justiani?
Who is Mark Justiani?

About the artist

Mark Justiniani (b. 1966) is a visual artist who uses mirrors and other reflective objects to create artworks which are not as they appear to be. As a child, he encountered an artwork that both frightened and fascinated him. This harmony of two seemingly opposite reactions has been the pursuit of his recent works.


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