Terms & Conditions - Graduation and Wedding Photoshoots


  1. Wedding and graduation filming/photoshoot can be booked online via National Gallery Singapore’s online booking system. Companies/Organisations/Bloggers who are interested to conduct filming or photoshoot at the National Gallery Singapore (the “Gallery”) must submit their application to the Gallery for approval at least seven (7) working days in advance. Any submission less than seven (7) working days will not be entertained. For enquiries, please email us at venues@nationalgallery.sg or call us at 6690 9400
  2. Filming or photoshoot is only allowed in designated areas: Padang Atrium, Padang Deck, and Supreme Court Foyer (level 1 & 3). Charges for each filming/photoshoot session will be at $350 for Wedding Shoot or $400 for Graduation Shoot, for up 120 minutes. All charges are subject to prevailing GST. No refund will be given once booking is confirmed.
  3. The Crew must have no more than 5 people for Wedding Shoot, including wedding couple. For Commercial Filming/Photoshoot, the crew must have no more than 8 people, including subjects & models. 
  4. Unless otherwise approved, all filming or photoshoots are only allowed between 7.30am to 9.30am. 
  5. National Gallery Singapore reserves the full discretion to approve of or reject applications without having to provide any reasons.
  6. Styling, makeup and change of attire is strictly prohibited in all public spaces. Styling, makeup and change of attire are only allowed in designated washrooms. 
  7. The use of tripods is not allowed in the museum.
  8. Posing in swimwear, nude or other controversial attire is not allowed.
  9. The cleanliness and beauty of the museum must be respected at all times and any equipment should not obstruct public areas.
  10. All special effects, stunts, materials and adhesives must be approved in advance by National Gallery Singapore.
  11. Depending on the nature of the request, National Gallery Singapore may also require the Applicant to seek written permission from relevant originating communities and/or organisation prior to the filming/photoshoot.
  12. No property in the Gallery shall be moved, rearranged or removed during the filming / photoshoot.
  13. Naked flames are not permitted in any part of the museum.
  14. Security restrictions and instructions as defined and required by Gallery staff must be fully observed. All lighting and other restrictions for conservation reasons, as defined by Gallery staff, must be fully observed.
  15. The Gallery reserves the right to stop the filming/photoshoot if the building or artworks is deemed to be at risk or if the project deviates from the terms of the approved application.
  16. The Applicant assumes responsibility for and will compensate the Gallery for any loss and/or damage to the Gallery’s collections or property which may occur as a result of filming/photoshoot, crew or equipment movement.
  17. National Gallery Singapore accepts no responsibility for injuries to persons and loss or damage of your property, incurred in the course of filming/photoshoot at the museum premises.
  18. The Applicant must undertake to indemnify the Gallery and its employees against all claims arising out of any incident however causes and sustained by any of their crew during the course of the filming/photography session at the Gallery.
  19. Filming and photography activities should be confined within the approved area
  20. Upon completion of filming/photography, the premises must be left free of litter or debris. The Applicant will be penalized if they do not handover the premises in its original condition.
  21. Power supply is not provided during the course of filming/photoshoot.
  22. Failure to abide by the above term and conditions will result in immediate cessation of filming/photoshoot and cancellation of agreement, with no refund of payment or any form of compensation..