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Donate an Artwork


Approval of donations will be based on all of the following criteria:


Donors will be eligible for a generous tax deduction in appreciation of their donation.

If you have the information you require, get in touch with the Collection Development Office by filling in this form and mailing it back to us.

For further details, email us at or call our main line at +65 6690 9439.


Detailed Donation Procedures

  1. Individuals/ corporations wishing to donate artworks should contact Collection Development office at the National Gallery Singapore.
  2. The donor shall demonstrate that they have the legal title to the artwork in question.
  3. To determine the amount for tax deduction, the museum will seek an external appraisal for the donated artwork. The external appraisal provides a fair market value at the time of the acceptance.
  4. The museum may choose to consult external advisors, where appropriate.
  5. The donation proposal shall be tabled for consideration by the Gallery’s Acquisitions Committee. Upon endorsement by the Acquisitions Committee and approval by the Gallery’s Acquisitions Approving Authorities, a notification of acceptance and a Deed of Gift will be sent to the donor. The donor may wish to specify on the Deed of Gift their preference as to how the donated artwork shall be acknowledged during display or in a publication.
  6. The Deed of Gift signifies the transfer of the artwork’s ownership from the donor to the National Collection. The National Heritage Board (NHB) will be the legal custodian of all works in the National Collection, including centralised storage and conservation.
  7. Upon the museum’s receipt of the completed and signed deed-of-gift form, we will issue a tax receipt and a list of benefits in appreciation of the kind donation.
  8. Our climate- controlled and insured vehicle will transport the artwork safely to the Heritage Conservation Center.
  9. For donors seeking tax deduction, National Gallery will make the application on their behalf. Once the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) has granted approval, the donor does not need to make the claim in their income tax return as it will automatically be included in the tax assessment. Donations can be carried forward up to a maximum of 5 years.



Proposed artwork donations to the National Gallery, for consideration of income tax deduction purposes, should be received before or by October 31st of each year, so that sufficient time is given for the administrative and appraisal procedures.

The acquisition review and acquisition process may take up to ten months to complete due to the need to comply with various legal requirements and guidelines in Singapore.