1. The venue spaces shall be used solely for the purpose of the scheduled event.

  2. The following activity/events are not allowed in the Gallery:

    • Political, religious or any events which are socially sensitive in nature
    • Weddings or ceremonial events
    • Sales of products or services or roadshows in conjunction with an event at the Gallery
    • Benefits or events designed for soliciting business
    • Cooking demonstration events
    • Exhibition or display of commercial artwork
    • Display of Automobiles in the Gallery’s premises and frontage, except with prior approval from the Gallery.
  3. Animals and pets are not permitted into any part of the Gallery, except with prior approval from the Gallery.

  4. The Gallery reserves the right to require the Hirer to limit the noise levels and regulate the volume of any sound, music and performances from audio-visual (AV) or public announcement (PA) equipment or systems at the venue spaces that might affect or cause any disturbance and discomfort to the general public and visitors of the Gallery.